LeoLines Tucking Underwear Review | Are They Worth It? | Buyers Guide for Trans Women

LeoLines Tucking Underwear Review | Are They Worth It? | Buyers Guide for Trans Women

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Let's face it, LeoLines tucking underwear are expensive, but are they worth it? In this review, we'll discuss the pros and cons of LeoLines underwear for MtF trans women. 

If you haven't heard of LeoLines, where have you been! Basically, they sell handmade tucking underwear for pre-op MtF transgender woman. In recent years they have been ever rising in popularity because of their commitment to quality, and customer service. 


LeoLines Tucking Underwear Review

Photo Credit: LeoLines.Etsy.com


Are LeoLines Good Tucking Underwear?

LeoLines do a great job for tucking. They offer just the right amount of compression to keep your tuck in place without feeling constricting. The extra layer of padding in the front is comfortable, quilted and feels sturdy. They also have a wider front portion to keep you tucked in. Are they the perfect gender affirming underwear? Quiet possibly.

If you are looking for cute panties, LeoLines also offers pretty colors including a pair with the trans flag colors which are super cute! 

LeoLines Tucking Underwear Review

Why Buy LeoLines For Tucking Underwear? Are LeoLines Worth It?

LeoLines are made specifically for MtF trans women. Each pair of tucking underwear has an additional layer of padding to keep your genitals compressed. This helps smoothen, flatten, and keep your tuck in place. Comfortably. 

Popular LeoLines Tucking Underwear

Photo Credit: LeoLines.Etsy.com

What Are The Best LeoLines Tucking Panties Styles?

LeoLines offers Bikini, Hipster, Waist, and Thong styles. Each of these has full butt coverage, except the thong, which has a bikini front and thong style back. Depending on your own personal style, you can choose which is right for you. Each is offered in Lycra or Cotton. Our favorite choice is Lycra because of its comfortable tucking ability.  

 Pros Cons
Owner has over 50 years of sewing experience. She makes a high-quality product Takes a long time to ship
Very comfortable to tuck in  High price because they're handmade
Lots of colors and patterns to choose from Can't order if you're in Germany
Can buy matching bralette to make a set
Over 51,877 orders on Etsy! With 5 Star rating on Etsy
Functional and gender affirming


Why Does LeoLines Take So Long To Ship?

LeoLines takes a long time because each pair of tucking underwear is individually handmade before it's shipped. It can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on how busy LeoLines is. Sometimes they will even close the store for a week or so to catch up on orders. They are very popular with MtF transgender women, and the community. 

How to Measure for LeoLines Tucking Underwear 

You will want to measure all the way around your hips, including your buttocks area. Make sure to follow the LeoLines sizing chart provided on their Etsy store before ordering. Please do not overlook this step. The sizes are different than what you would buy in regular underwear. 

For example, you might wear a Large in regular underwear, but might need an XS or XXS. If you don't own a clothing measuring tape, you can use a piece of string, and then put it up to a ruler. 

LeoLines Tucking Underwear Size Chart

Photo Credit: LeoLines.Etsy.com

Do LeoLines Have a Wide Gusset?

Yes. LeoLines have a wider gusset than most non-tucking underwear. If you're having a hard time finding underwear with a wide enough gusset to tuck, LeoLines has you covered. Here is an example picture of the difference in gusset size/width between a normal pair of Hanes panties, and LeoLines:

LeoLines Tucking Underwear Gusset Size/Width Picture Vs Non-Tuck Panties 

Our Top Picks:

1. LeoLines Tucking Underwear

Trans Flag Colors Pink/Blue with Lace

1. LeoLines Tucking Underwear

Black / Black


1. LeoLines Tucking Underwear

Trans Flag Colors Blue/Pink



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