6 Easy MtF Makeup Tips & Tricks For Trans Women

6 Easy MtF Makeup Tips & Tricks For Trans Women

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As a MtF trans woman, makeup can play an essential role in appearing feminine and beautiful. Whether you like dramatic, elegant, or natural makeup looks, understanding these 6 simple tips and tricks will help take your makeup confidence to the next level. 

If you want to pass more effortlessly, try and incorporate these tips into your daily makeup routine. Don't be afraid to adjust each tip to fit your needs and makeup style. 

Easy MtF Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips & Tricks 

Tip 1. Don't Over Do It

Rule number one. Don't go heavy on the makeup. When it comes to makeup, less is more. Cisgender females often wear makeup that looks natural and not over the top. Don't cake on your makeup thinking that it makes you more feminine, it doesn't. In fact, it works the exact opposite way.

Tip 2. Curl Those Lashes and Accentuate Your Eyes

Often, for the sake of time, many trans women skip curling their lashes. Curling your lashes can accentuate your eyes, and with mascara can help to make them pop. Wear eyeliner, mascara, and if inclined add winged tips to the corners.

Tip 3. Maintain Your Eyebrows

Make it a habit to do your brows. If they are bushy, you might find it a benefit to pluck them, or trim them to be more shapely. This can also help add to your self confidence, and enhance your femininity. If you're new, it is highly recommended to get an eyebrow kit, or have your brows done by a professional. Either waxed or threaded.

Best Eyebrow Kit for MtF Trans Women


Tip 4. Hide Beard Shadow With Color Corrector

When you want to reduce and get rid of your beard shadow, you can use an red or orange color corrector. The orange color helps to cancel out the darkness from the beard shadow, making appear less dark, if visible at all. For darker skin tones red color corrector works best. For lighter skin tones, orange color corrector works best.

Tip 5. Cover it Up With Concealer 

If you struggle from acne scarring, ingrown hairs, or razor bumps, a good concealer and foundation are worth their weight in gold. If you ever find yourself needing to quickly fix yourself up, owning concealer and foundation can come in handy when in a pinch.

Tip 6. Paint Your Nails

Keep your nails maintained at all times. Having manicured nails is extremely feminine, and beautiful. Painting your nails can boost your confidence, and help you to pass more easily. Choose a color that makes you feel feminine and cute. You don't have to go overboard with the colors. Classic colors such as red, light pinks, or blues are common and don't draw too much attention.

MtF Painted Nails Tips

In Summation

Transitioning male to female can be much easier with the help of makeup. Knowing how to wear makeup doesn't have to be scary. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there is always time for a few tips. If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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