Ultimate MtF Hairstyle Guide for Trans Women | Best Transgender Hairstyles + Pictures

Ultimate MtF Hairstyle Guide for Trans Women | Best Transgender Hairstyles + Pictures

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When people see you what's the first thing they notice and judge you on? It might sound odd, however it's the hair! Working on perfecting your hairstyle no matter what stage of transition you're at will boost your confidence and enhance your feminine beauty.  

Hairstyles say so much about you as a person. Are you fun and lighthearted or drab, and a downer. Choosing the right hairstyle is important to your image, so it's only right that you put some effort into it. In this guide, we're going to cover two of the most popular MtF transgender hairstyles that look good on just about anyone! 

MtF Hairstyles

MtF Hairstyle Tips & Tricks

Tip 1. Grow Out Your Hair

Grow your hair out to a length that allows you to wear a hairstyle that is cute and feminine. Subconsciously, hair is one of the first things people look at when accessing whether someone is male or female. Having the right hair length and style can work wonders in your passing ability. If you suffer from hair loss or balding, wear a wig in a cute hairstyle that you like. 

Tip 2. Wear a Cute Hairstyle Wig

If your hair is slow growing, get yourself a high-quality wig, in a style of your liking and learn how to wear it properly. When buying a wig, make sure to measure your head property to ensure you're buying the right fit. This can give you confidence, and help you pass much easier.

Tip 3. Wear Bangs

If you have a larger forehead, bangs can help to cover it and make you appear more feminine. Bangs are cute, super popular, and almost always in style. There are also a ton of ways to style bangs.


If you struggle with hair growth, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We will also recommend the best wigs for each hairstyle. 


Popular MtF Hairstyles to Wear:

1. Long Hairstyle with Bangs

If you are looking for a cute, awesome, and classic style, your answer is bangs. Easily one of the most popular MtF hairstyles, bangs are the perfect way to take your hair styling to the next level. Bangs can be worn with long or short hair and are full of personality. Whether you have a round, or oval face bangs, are a vibe! If you're looking for cute wigs with bangs, these are a few of our favorites - Best MtF Wigs That are Affordable and Cute

Example pictures of bang hairstyles for MtF trans women: 

Mtf Hairstyles - Blonde Hair with Bangs
Mtf Hairstyles - Red Hair (Redhead) with Bangs
Mtf Hairstyles - Black Hair with Bangs for Trans Women
MtF Hairstyles - Black & Teal Wig
Mtf Hairstyles - Black Hair (Goth) Hair with Bangs for Trans Women
Mtf Hairstyles - Blonde Curtain Bangs Hair Idea for Trans Women


2. Bob Cut (With or Without Bangs)

Popularized in the 90’s, the bob is a hairstyle that is full of character. Over the past few years there has been a sudden rise back into popularity, and for good reason. The bob hairstyle is cute, edgy, and classic. It’s timeless styling has made it a go-to for many MtF trans women. This short to medium length hairstyle usually ends around jaw level, rarely longer than the shoulders, and exposes the back of the neck. The bob is usually worn with a curled end and fringe bangs. This simple cut is perfect for any trans woman looking to take her hairstyle to the next level.

Pro tip: For oval shaped faces, try a longer version bob cut, called a lob! 

Best Hairstyles to Wear While MtF Transitioning - Bob Cut
Best Hairstyles to Wear While MtF Transitioning - Brunette Bob Cut
Best Hairstyles to Wear While MtF Transitioning - Orange Bob Cut

Our Top Picks for Most Popular Hairstyle Wigs:

Bob Hairstyle Brunette, Blonde & Highlight Wigs



Best Colorful Bob Cut Hairstyle Wig



Long Hairstyle With Middle Part Wig


Best Hairstyle Examples for Inspiration

If you are interested in more hairstyle tips and tricks during transition, check out the Best Hairstyles to Wear While MtF Transitioning.

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