3 Best MtF Wigs That are Affordable and Cute | Transgender Hairstyle Tips

3 Best MtF Wigs That are Affordable and Cute | Transgender Hairstyle Tips

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Finding a beautiful wig that looks realistic and is comfortable can be a challenge. There are tons of cheap, low quality wigs on the market, which end up being a waste of money and don't look good. On the other hand, it can cost thousands of dollars for a top of the line wig. With that being said, is it possible to find a wig that is affordable that you'll love? The answer is, Yes! 

The first step to buying a wig is to decide what hair style you're trying to achieve. If you are unsure of what hairstyle suits you, try to find someone for inspiration. Some great hairstyle inspirations are celebrities, actresses, and singers. Each of these spend lots of money on the best hair dressers, so their hair always looks amazing. If you are still unsure, check out our Ultimate MtF Hairstyle Guide for Trans Women

Once you've decided on a hairstyle that you think suits you, it's time to choose a wig to buy. As a MtF trans woman, long flowy hair styles are always a safe bet as they are most feminine and cute. We've put together 3 of our favorite go-to wigs that look great on just about anyone. 

#1 - Best Bob Hairstyle Brown, Blonde & Highlights Wigs for MtF Trans Women

The bob hairstyle is back on-trend, and hot!

If you are looking to have brunette or blonde hair, you will love this cute wig. It's lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It's even offered with realistic highlights. Not to mention the bob hairstyle is one of the most MtF trans woman friendly hair styles. Also, It's not super long so it won't tangle easily. 

Check it out on Amazon - Here

Bob Hairstyle Brunette, Blonde & Highlight Wigs



#2 - Colorful Wigs for MtF Hairstyles (bob cut)

The "bob cut" is one of the most popular MtF hairstyles. If you love to wear your hair dyed in pastels, you will love this extremely affordable pink wig. Colorful wigs aren't only for cosplay! It's offered in a number of colors including pink, green, and red. It's not to shiny, and can even pass as real hair. It's comfortable since it's fairly lightweight - but not overly so. It's soft, and doesn't tangle easily since it's short. Oh ya, it also has bangs :)

Check it out on Amazon - Here 

Best Colorful Bob Cut Hairstyle Wig



#3 - Best Long Hair Middle Part Black Hair Wigs for MtF Trans Women

The middle parted long hairstyle is classic. If you are looking for a a wig that doesn't have bangs and has a middle part, this is a great choice. This wig is past shoulder length and wavy. This wig is breathable, lightweight and has an elastic band on the inside (slightly adjustable). The hand-tied lace front makes it look even more realistic. 

Check it out on Amazon - Here

Long Hairstyle With Middle Part Wig


If you are interested in more hairstyles and tips, check out our Ultimate MtF Hairstyle Guide for Trans Women.

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