How to Appear More Feminine [Part 2] | MTF Transgender Woman Tips

How to Appear More Feminine [Part 2] | MTF Transgender Woman Tips

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If you haven't already seen our previous post with a list of MtF feminization tips, make sure to check it out. 

Figuring out how to appear more feminine as a AMAB transwoman doesn't have to be difficult if you follow some of these quick tips and tricks.

Whether you are early or in later stages of transition, presenting as your true feminine self is one of the most important things. Transitioning MtF presents a number of hurdles such as having broader shoulders, narrower hips, and even sturdier facial features. Don't fret however, as we've come up with a list of tips to help you present as feminine as possible, so you can go out there and slay!

This MtF guide to appearing more feminine should answer a lot of your questions, and have you looking feminine and beautiful in short order.

Best Tips How to get a Feminine Appearance Quickly

  • Grow out your finger nails and paint them a pretty color of your choice. Some of the best nail polish colors to express inner femininity are light pinks, blues, purples, and reds.
  • Grow out your hair to a length that allows you to style it in a cute and feminine way. 
  • Shave your legs, arms, chest, and face as often as needed. Consider electrolysis for hair removal if you are tired of shaving constantly.
  • Get good with you makeup pallet. Learn techniques and looks that complement your features. 
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Wear cute necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Wearing cute jewelry and accessories is one of the best ways to put your creative twist on your outfit.
  • Wear tighter clothing. Experiment and find a style that suits your personality. Get rid of your baggy/slouchy clothing, and opt for bright form fitting clothing that is playful and sexy.
  • Pluck and shape your brows. If they are bushy, it might help to go to a salon at first until they are the shape that you like, and can maintain.
  • Do squats to build muscle and tone in your glutes. Ciswomen have wider hips, and larger buttocks. Try and workout this area of the body at least three times per week. Additional exercises include hip thrusts and leg presses. Always stretch before working out!
  • If you have narrow hips, a good trick is to workout your waist area, to slim your belly, thus making your hips appear wider. 

it can be overwhelming to do everything all at once, that's why it's so important to set realistic goals, and try to stick to them. Don't burn yourself out setting unrealistic goals, that are too lofty. Start slow, and before you know it your femininity will shine through naturally. 

Leave your comments down below with any tips to help someone appear more feminine.




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