MtF Trans Products Every Transgender Woman Should Own | Things to Buy Shopping Guide

MtF Trans Products Every Transgender Woman Should Own | Things to Buy Shopping Guide

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There are a few things nearly all trans women can agree on. Less facial hair, check. Sexier eyebrows, check. Smoother tuck, check. If there were solutions to each of these, it would have made their transition much easier had they known about them.

There are a few essential things you need as an MtF trans woman. Products such as a solid hair removal device, eyebrow kit, and tucking gaff are important. Each of these simple products can help make transitioning much easier.

No matter how far along you are on your transition, this is an “essentials” shopping list of products for MtF transgender women.  

mtf things to buy list

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1.Eyebrow Kit

Having beautiful eyebrows is an integral part of feminine beauty. Having unkempt eyebrows is masculine and not ladylike at all. On the other hand, eyebrows are not easy to do on your own. That's why having an all-in-one eyebrow kit can be a lifesaver. Especially if it's easy to use.  

Our absolute favorite eyebrow kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to feminize your eyebrows and make them beautiful. This might be one of the best beginner MtF things to buy.

Best Feminine Eyebrows Kit for MtF Trans Women



2. Electric Epilator

Keeping your body hair free is a part of your daily routine as a MtF trans woman. Having the right tools to accomplish this is important. If you want salon smooth skin for up to 4 weeks at a time, using an epilator is your answer. Epilation pulls hairs at the root, leaving beautiful smooth, hair free skin. Unlike shaving, there are no bristles, or stubble after epilating. 

If you prefer to shave, check out our post on the best electric razors for trans women

The best epilator on the market hands down is the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9

Best at Home Epilator for MtF Trans Women




3. Tucking Underwear

Tucking underwear help to make your tuck feminine, and comfortable. Wearing them is affirming because of the compression they provide "own there", making your tuck look smoother. There are a lot of brands that make tuck underwear for trans women, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd. 

Our favorite tucking underwear brands are LeoLinesTuck Buddies and Rouge & Worthy


Best Overall Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

 Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women - LeoLines on Etsy


Best Boyshorts Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



Best Color Options Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



4. Tucking Gaff Panties

When you wear tight leggings or need a smooth tuck, you will want to have at least one tucking gaff in your collection. Tucking gaffs are easy to wear, and help to keep your bulge at bay. Every trans woman loves when their tuck is smooth, and that’s what gaffs are made to help with. There are a few great tucking gaffs on the market. Our favorite tucking gaff brands are Gaff and Go, and BBLAIR which is trans owned and operated. 

Best Colors Tucking Gaff Panties for MtF Trans Women



Best Tucking Gaff Panties for MtF Trans Women

 Best Tucking Gaff Thong Panties for MtF Trans Women


5. Tucking Tape

When you require a perfectly smooth and flat tuck, look no further than tucking tape. For occasions such as going to the gym, swimming, or public activities, tucking tape will be your best friend. It is designed to give you a flat feminine look “down there”. Our favorite tucking tape for MtF trans women is Unclockable.

Best Tucking Tape for MtF Trans Women



If you enjoyed this MtF transgender products guide, let us know in the comments. What products would you like seen added to the list and why?

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