Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

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Are you looking for the best tucking underwear for trans women? Are you tired of falling out of your panties because they aren't made to tuck? Let's face it, there's nothing worse than not being able to keep everything neatly tucked away and smooth. 

Finding perfect tucking underwear can be tough as they need to be well made, functional, comfortable, and look cute. After trying dozens of brands, we've created a list that can help you achieve the smooth tuck you're looking for. 

Carmen Liu Tucking Thong

Tucking Underwear vs. Regular Underwear
What's the Difference?

There are two major differences between tucking underwear and regular panties. Tucking underwear offers additional compression, to flatten bulge, whereas regular panties do not.  Additionally, tucking underwear usually has a wider crotch area to help you hold everything in. The combination of compression, and wider crotch are the two major differences. 

What Brands Make Tucking Underwear

There are a number of brands that currently make tucking underwear for MtF trans women. Some of these brands include:

Tucking Underwear vs. Tucking Gaff
What's the Difference?

Tucking underwear and tucking gaffs serve similar but different purposes. Tucking underwear is meant to be worn as a regular pair of panties, and offers compression to help smooth out your bulge. A tucking gaff is meant to completely smooth your tuck, and be worn underneath another pair of panties, or tight piece of clothing. 

Where to Buy Tucking Underwear?

There are a number of places you can buy tucking underwear. Some of these places include Amazon, Etsy, and independent sellers. Our favorite, and most comfortable tucking underwear choices are from LeoLines, and Tuck Buddies

If you are looking for a sexy tucking thong, our favorite is made by Carmen Liu.

Best Overall Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

 Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women - LeoLines on Etsy


Best Boyshorts Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



Best Color Options Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



Best Tucking Thong Panties for MtF Trans Women

 Carmen Liu Tucking Thong for MtF Trans women


How Much Does Tucking Underwear Cost?

Tucking underwear ranges in price depending on quality and brand. Prices start around $25 and can go as high as $60-70 a pair.

Why is Tucking Underwear so Expensive?

Because each style is made in smaller quantities, and is a specialty item the price is higher. A lot of the best tucking underwear is made in the USA by hand. This handmade approach to manufacturing raises prices dramatically. 

If you are looking for directions on how to tuck, check out How to Tuck 101 Beginners Guide for MtF Trans Women

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