Best Way of Tucking For Yoga as a MtF Trans Woman

Best Way of Tucking For Yoga as a MtF Trans Woman

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Are you looking for how to tuck for practicing yoga? Tired of not being able to stay tucked in all of your positions?

Yoga is a great way to stay flexible, healthy, and supports mental health. However practicing yoga as a MtF trans woman can pose problems. Keeping your tuck secured while in various yoga positions can be a challenge, but don't worry, there is a solution. This guide will show you the best way of tucking for yoga. 

Tucking for Yoga Tips

The concept of tucking is to keep everything "down there" neatly secured. Yoga, however makes this difficult because it requires a lot of stretching and lengthy movements. The best way of tucking for yoga as a MtF trans woman comprises of four parts.

How to Tuck for Yoga

Step 1. Tuck Everything Up 

Tuck as you normally would, making sure you're tucked away and compact. If you're new to tucking, check out our Tucking 101 Beginners Guide first. Then come back to this post. 

Step 2. Secure Your Tuck

Securing your tuck is the most important part of tucking for yoga. Since you will be sweating, you will want to use a waterproof gaff tape. Our favorite is Unclockable T-Tape Tuck Kit. It's waterproof, comfortable and completely flattening. You’ll love the smooth and feminine look you achieve. 
Best Tucking Tape for MtF Trans Women




Step 3. Wear Compression Tucking Underwear for Yoga 

After you have secured yourself with tucking tape, you will want to wear a pair of tucking underwear. Tucking underwear are specially designed using compression material to help keep your tuck secure, flat, and smooth. Our favorite brands for tucking underwear are: 

Step 4. Wear Squat Proof Yoga Pants or Shorts

Wearing high-quality yoga leggings or shorts that are squat proof will help keep your tuck secure. Squat proof leggings have 4-way stretch, with additional support in the crotch and butt area. This allows you to move effortlessly as you do your yoga routine. We recommend CompressionZ Workout Leggings, as they are extremely comfy, and buttery soft.

Best Yoga Tucking Leggings For MtF Trans Women



In Summation

With these tucking tips for yoga, you can make adjustments as needed. Now you can enjoy your yoga sessions tucked away and secure. 

For more tips on how to tuck, check out our Tucking 101 Beginners Guide for MtF Trans Women

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