Tuck Buddies Tucking Underwear Review | Are They Worth It? | Buyers Guide for Trans Women

Tuck Buddies Tucking Underwear Review | Are They Worth It? | Buyers Guide for Trans Women

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If you are looking for tucking underwear you've probably heard of Tuck Buddies. Started by a single work from home mother of 4, the brand has become a household name for many MtF trans women that value a comfortable tuck. There are a number of tucking underwear brands on the market, so where does Tuck Buddies rank? Well, the proof is in the pudding.

Tuck Buddies Review

Are Tuck Buddies Worth It?  

Yes, you're right, Tuck Buddies are not cheap, however they might turn out to be one of your favorite pairs of underwear as a trans woman. Each pair is beautifully handmade using high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship. The unique boyshorts style makes it so that there is no chaffing, or pinching in your delicate area. Not to mention, that they are super cute and gender affirming. 

Are Tuck Buddies Good For Tucking?

Yes. Each pair of Tuck Buddies has an extra layer of fabric in the front to help smooth your tuck and make it more comfortable. The legs don't ride up which is an additional plus, which is not the case with compression shorts for tucking. 

Tuck Buddies recently updated their design to a "2.0" version, which are way better! They only have seams on the sides, and no seams on the front of rear, so there are no unwanted lines when wearing tight clothing. You will feel much more comfortable now wearing tight pants when in Tuck Buddies. 

Tuck Buddies Review

Where to Buy Tuck Buddies?

Tuck Buddies is a Star Seller on Etsy. With over 5,100 sales, they are one of the leaders in tucking underwear for trans women and AMAB individuals. You can visit their shop here - Tuck Buddies.

Tuck Buddies Sizing Tips

Tuck Buddies are stretchy. If you prefer a snug tuck, you might consider sizing down a size.

Tuck Buddies Review:

 Pros Cons
Super soft and stretchy. Extremely comfortable to wear Price is high because they are handmade
Gender affirming and cute. They are also offered in a number of colors and patterns
Don't ride up legs
Surprisingly breathable given how thick and sturdy they are


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