3 Best Dresses to Hide Wide Shoulders | MtF Transgender Woman Tips

3 Best Dresses to Hide Wide Shoulders | MtF Transgender Woman Tips

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Have you been looking for the perfect dress to wear if you are MtF and have broad shoulders? Tired of being self-conscious wearing dresses in public? We'll don't stress. We've got a solution for you.

Being MtF, we are often burdened with having wider shoulders than our cisgender female counterparts. A lot of times, this can be a major source of gender dysphoria, and cause for stress. You end up having to constantly question if you appear feminine enough, do you pass, and what people around you are thinking. 

We've put together a guide with three of our favorite summer dresses that you can wear to hide wide shoulders, and will have you feeling confident and beautiful. These styles are a must have in any transwoman's closet, as they are versatile and can be worn for a number of different occasions. 

Dress Style #1 - Lantern Sleeve Tye-Back Dress

This is the perfect go-to dress for anything casual. Whether going to the grocery, running errands, or just lounging, this dress is comfortable, cute, and stylish for the occasion. The loose shoulder area, and square cut opening both do wonders at making shoulders look slimmer, and more petite. You can also wear one sleeve over she shoulder for an extra sexy look, while still hiding the broadness of your shoulders.

This dress comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors to choose from, each perfect for the spring/summer months. You'll always find yourself reaching for this dress when it's time to go out. You will love it..


Dress Style #2 - V-neck Pattern Dress

One of the best techniques, to keep in mind, for choosing clothing to reduce the appearance of a body part, is to wear pattern prints. Similar to how camouflage works, patterns work the same way. Our eye focuses on the pattern, and your shoulders will appear more narrow and blend in. If you are trying to make your shoulders look more slim, check out one of our favorite dresses. 

This short sleeve v-neck dress is perfect for almost any casual outing, and can be worn with any accessories of your choice. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.


Dress Style #3 - Ruffle Sleeve Summer Dress

You can never have to many summer dresses. As we've discussed wearing patterns, and having flowy sleeves can be the best way to hide broad shoulders. This dress does exactly that. It is also available in a multitude of different colors. Regain your confidence and feel sexy when your wearing it. Have fun!

In summation, go out and enjoy your new style, be confident and not have to feel as self-conscious. Remember, accessorize your dresses with your favorite jewelry. Wear whatever footwear you find to be comfortable. You can wear sneakers, flats, flip-flops, or boots. Personalize the outfit as much as you'd like!

Which dress is your favorite?

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