Gender Affirming Clothing for MtF Trans Women | Transgender Tips

Gender Affirming Clothing for MtF Trans Women | Transgender Tips

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Gender affirming clothing makes you look and feel like your authentic gender. As a MtF trans woman, affirmation of femininity is important, and plays an integral role in positive mental health. Wearing clothing that is made for your correct gender boosts your self-esteem, mood, and sense of well-being. 

The main concept of MtF gender affirming clothing is to help you feel feminine and beautiful in your own skin. In addition, things such as makeup, skincare, and hairstyle all contribute as well. Wearing femme clothing that makes you say, this is who I'm supposed to be, is the goal. Have fun and choose a style that fits your personality!

What is Gender Affirming Clothing?

Gender affirming clothing are clothes that make you look and feel like your authentic gender. Since clothing is an external projection of what we feel inside, it's important that it represents us as our authentic gender. So, as a trans woman, wearing a dress, or skirt would be gender affirming for her. Whereas for a trans man, wearing a muscle shirt, or collard shirt would be gender affirming for him.

As trans women, expressing your authentic self through clothing can be gender euphoric. Some great gender affirming clothing ideas that you can add to your wardrobe would be dresses, skirts, crop tops, leggings, form fitting jeans,  lingerie and shapewear. 

List of Gender Affirming Clothes for MtF Trans women

Most Popular Gender Affirming Clothing for MtF Trans Women

1. Dresses that hides wide shoulders

One of the biggest insecurities for MtF trans women is the broadness of our shoulders. An easy way to combat this is to wear a dress that "masks" or hides this body feature. Wearing a pretty dress that hides wider shoulders can be super gender affirming and feminine. If you want to hide wide shoulders, we recommend wearing lantern sleeve dresses like this one:

Gender Affirming Dress to Hide Wide Shoulders



2. Colorful Skirt

Wearing a bright colored flared skirt can be very gender affirming. Not only is it super feminine, it's also cute. Skirts are forgiving, and can be worn with spandex shorts underneath. Check out this extremely versatile skirt. It's available in three colors, and is fun! 

Gender Affirming Skirt for MtF Trans Women



3. Form Fitting Leggings to Show off Curves

Leggings are very gender affirming. Especially in pink, red, or black. They are tight fitting, show off your curves, and help keep you tucked in with compression. Our favorite pair also lifts the butt, helping to make you look more curvy. Leggings are comfortable and can be worn casually, or just about anytime. Every trans woman should have at least a pair of two of leggings in her wardrobe.

Gender Affirming Leggings for MtF Trans Women



4. Loose Crop Top T-shirt

A loose fitting crop top t-shirt is affirming and easy to wear since it can hide broad shoulders. Loose shirts are comfortable and cute. A tight fitting crop top is also a great option if you want to show off your curves. Choose a color that makes you feel feminine and fun. 

Gender Affirming Crop Top T-Shirt for MtF Trans Women




4. Thigh High Long Socks

Long socks are super cute and feminine. You can wear them on their own when lounging around the house, with boots or even with sneakers. Putting on a pair of thigh high long socks can be extremely affirming. Not to mention, comfy!
Gender Affirming Long Socks for MtF Trans Women



4. High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are one of the cutest ways to make your body look more feminine. The high waist, can help make you appear shorter if you are a tall trans woman that suffers from height dysphoria. 

In Summation 

The number one priority for gender affirming clothes is to help you feel good and feel feminine. Wear what you like, don't worry about what people think of you. Wear what will make you feel feminine and give you gender euphoria!

For more ideas of products to help you achieve gender euphoria, check out our Ultimate MtF Gender Affirming Products Guide for Trans Women

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