MtF Guide to Dresses | Transgender Fashion Advice Tips

MtF Guide to Dresses | Transgender Fashion Advice Tips

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Want to wear a dress like you know what you're doing? Tired of not styling your dresses properly? 

There is nothing worse than not properly knowing how to wear a dress, or not being able to choose the right dress for the occasion. Wearing dresses seems quite simple. Just throw one on and head out the door. Unfortunately, they are much more complex than that. Being a MtF transwoman, you might not have had the luxury of growing up wearing dresses, so the entire process is new to you. Don't worry though, we've come up with a few essential tips and tricks to have you wearing your dresses like you've been modeling for Vouge. 

When it comes to the world of dresses it's a vast one. There are so many ways to wear them, accessorize them, and choose them, that is why we came up with this essential MtF guide to dresses with simple tips to have you styling in confidence.

With so many opportunities to look beautiful and cute in a dress, let's get started with the tips and examples.

Tip #1 - Dress for the occasion

The first tip to wearing a dress correctly, is to wear a style that fits the occasion. If it is summer, you will want to wear a cute flowy and bright dress. If the occasion is more formal, you will want to wear a cocktail dress, in an appropriate color. One of our favorite flowy dresses is this Lantern Sleeve Tie Back dress. it  hides broader, wide shoulders, so helps reduce dysphoria when wearing it.

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Tip #2 - Get a dress that fits

Make sure to get a dress that fits your body type. If you can, go into to the boutique and try several dresses on. If you are uncomfortable going by yourself, try to go with some of your girlfriends to make the process go smoother. Or if this is not an option, check out a site that offers a good return policy like Amazon. Once you find a fit that works for you, build your wardrobe with the same style in various colors.

If you are looking for a dress that is feminine and helps to hide wide shoulders - click here.

Tip #3 - If you have broad shoulders, wear a light jacket

As a MtF transwoman, you might be self-conscious of having broader shoulders which prevented you from wanting to wear a dress in public. Luckily, one of the easiest solutions for this concern is to wear a light jacket over your dress. You can wear a cute, high-cut, jean jacket, or blazer and it will look great. 

One of our favorite jackets to cover wide shoulders is this Washed Denim Jacket. It's super cute, and can take your outfit to the next level instantly. 

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Even if you don't have broad shoulders, wearing a jacket or cardigan can help add a flare to your outfit and keep you cozy and warm. 

MtF Guide to Wearing Dresses with Jacket

Tip #4 - Wear a belt for additional character

It has been said that you can change the entire personality of an outfit just by adding a belt. Give your outfit unique personality by adding a matching, or colorful belt with your dress. Be creative with it. If you're wearing a black dress, add some pop and try a bright red belt. Have fun.

One of our favorite dress belts is this super cute, Grace Karin thin belt. You can wear it casual, or even dress it up if you choose. 

MtF How To Wear a Dress with Belt Tips

Tip #5 - When it's formal, wear a blazer

If you are going to a formal event and want to add a touch of sophistication and class, wear a blazer over your dress. Make sure that the blazer is fitted and matches your dress. This simple addition will give you confidence, and the entire room will notice your fashion prowess. 

This classy, yet casual blazer is oversized so it helps make your figure look slim. 

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Tip #6 - Accessorize with jewelry

Want to know how to wear a dress and really style it like a pro? Look no further than accessories. Wearing a few bracelets, rings and a necklace can take your outfit from zero to hero in no time. Wearing a dress is one of the best times to show off your jewelry collection, and have some fun. 

MtF Wearing Rings Fashion Tip

In summation, wearing a dress doesn't have to be a scary thing. Matter of fact it can be a time to experiment and have fun exploring your fashion sense. Go out there wear your favorite dresses and rock it girl!

If you have any additional tips you would like to share with the community, let us know in the comments below!

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