How to Get a Feminine Bigger Butt Exercise Routine | MtF Transgender Tips

How to Get a Feminine Bigger Butt Exercise Routine | MtF Transgender Tips

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Have you been looking for tips and tricks for bigger more round, thick and toned feminine butt? Are you tired of not having any "junk in the trunk"? With the rise in popularity of having a round tush, so many trans women have been asking us for a workout plan to get that picturesque butt without surgery.

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MtF Bigger Butt Workout Exercise

If you're ready to sweat, here is a glute targeted workout routine that will have your butt looking right! Of course, always stretch before working out, and if you're new to working out on your own hire a trainer to guide you through until you're comfortable to do the workouts.

MtF Feminine Bigger Butt Workout

MtF Bigger Butt Workout Routine

  1. 40 Donkey Kicks
  2. 40 Glute Bridges
  3. 30 Jumping Jacks
  4. 20 Lunges
  5. 20 Squats 
  6. 20 Hip Thrusts
  7. 20 Leg Raises
  8. 20 Sit Ups

Rest for 10 seconds after each exercise. After completing all 7 exercises rest for 60 seconds. 

After first round, repeat for 2 more rounds. 

Start slow and work up to the full routine. Go at your own pace. 

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Supplements and Creams for a Bigger Butt

When combined with this workout routine, supplements, and creams play an important role in making your butt bigger, firmer, and tighter. Our favorite butt enhancement products are Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Booty Magic Cream, and Booty Magic Butt Enhancing Pills. When coupled with your new workout routine, it's a powerful combination for making your butt toned, larger, and curvy. 


Best Feminine Butt Growth Supplements



Best Feminine Butt Growth Cream




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Check out the How to Get a Feminine Bigger Butt 101 Guide


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@blake I do the workout 3 days a week. Monday Wednesday and Friday. I rest on the off days and weekend.


How often should I do the booty work out? Like every day, every other day, what should the frequency be?


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