4 Best Ways! How to Get Rid of Body Hair | MtF Transgender Woman Tips

4 Best Ways! How to Get Rid of Body Hair | MtF Transgender Woman Tips

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Tired of hair growing in all the wrong places? Ever wish you could have a plan for dealing with all of your unwanted body hair? We know the struggle, and have put together four of the best ways to tackle unwanted body hair. Whether you're looking for a permanent hair removal solution, or a temporary one, we've got you covered.

As a MtF transwoman, here are the four best ways to get rid of body hair.

Option #1 - Use an Epilator

An epilator is a small, handheld, electronic device designed to remove body hair. The device has small rotating discs that grip, and pull out multiple hairs as it comes in contact with them. Using an epilator is effective, and a viable alternative to routine shaving, or waxing. On the other hand, epilation might be painful for some, as it pulls out hairs at the root, similar to waxing. You will also notice that hairs will grow back softer, thinner and lighter compared to regular shaving. 

Pros of Epilation

  • Provides a smooth hairless result
  • Hairs grow back softer
  • Epilators can be used for legs, arms, underarms and bikini area 
  • Lasts longer than regular shaving, up to 4 weeks
  • Easy and convenient to use

Cons of Epilation

  • Can be painful, and cause discomfort while using (reduces with frequency of use)
  • Not a permanent solution for hair removal
  • Cost of the device

Owning a high-quality epilator is worth its weight in gold, as it can help to reduce the discomfort over time. Each time you epilate, the pain and discomfort should decrease. We recommend the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9. It's the #1 Epilator for cis and trans women, and multi-year winner of the Trans Beauty Award. 

Best at Home Epilator For MtF Trans Women




Option #2 - Use IPL Device

One of the great inventions of the century is the IPL device. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and works just as such. The device emits a beam of light that targets the hair follicle at the root, 'damages' the root, and helps to stop growth. With continued use, it can lead to permanent hair reduction. This small electric handheld device is a great alternative to laser hair removal. 

Pros of IPL For Getting Rid of Body Hair

  • Continued use helps with permanent hair reduction
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be used on full body

Cons of IPL For Getting Rid of Body Hair

  • Must treat weekly at first, from 6-12 weeks
  • Must shave before using
  • Device is expensive compared to regular shaving
Best at Home IPL Hair Removal Device for MtF Trans Women



Option #3 - Get Electrolysis Treatments

One of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted body hair, permanently, as a MtF transwoman is to get electrolysis treatments. This method of permanent hair removal destroys hair at the follicle, using heat energy. Electrolysis is the only method recognized by the FDA and American Medical Association, to remove hair permanently. The beauty to this method is that unwanted hair will be gone permanently.

Pros of Electrolysis

  • FDA and AMA recognized method of permanent hair removal
  • Many Electrologists will offer free consultation
  • Won't have to shave any more!

Cons of Electrolysis

  • Cost for treatment can be pricey
  • Must go through multiple treatments to ensure permanent hair removal
  • Treatments, however not painful, can cause discomfort. If needed, ask your doctor for numbing cream.

How many treatments are needed to to get rid of body hair? This entirely depends on the individual. Please ask your Electrologist for specifics.

Option #4 - Use a Razor to Shave

One of the most common, and timeless ways for transwomen to remove unwanted body hair is the good 'ol razor. Although, it might sound basic, this might be the solution you're most used to or most comfortable with. 

Pros of Shaving

  • Provides a smooth hairless result
  • Cheaper alternative to IPL, Epilation, and Electrolysis
  • Easy and convenient to use

Cons of Shaving

  • Have to constantly buy new razors
  • Hairs grow back quickly
  • Not a permanent solution for hair removal


Best Safety Razor for MtF Trans Women


For more information on how to manage body hair, check out our complete MtF Guide to Hair Removal for Trans Women.

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