How to Properly Shave Legs as a MtF Trans Woman | Shaving Guide

How to Properly Shave Legs as a MtF Trans Woman | Shaving Guide

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Whether shaving your legs is new to you, or you're just looking for the correct way to do it, we've got you covered.

As a MtF trans woman, shaving can help you feel more feminine and confident, but it's extremely important to do it safely to avoid cuts, nicks, razor burn, or ingrown hairs. It's also important to note that you should never use a dull razor. Whether you use disposables or safety razors, make sure that the blade is sharp, and never rusted.

MtF how to properly shave your legs

Here are some simple, yet effective steps on how to properly shave your legs, the right way:

Step 1. Gather your supplies

You'll need a razor, epilating moisturizer, shaving cream or gel, a moisturizing lotion, and a towel.

Step 2. Trim your hair

If your leg hair is particularly long, trim it with scissors or an electric razor before shaving.

Step 3. Take a warm shower or bath

The warm water will soften your hair and open up your pores, making it easier to shave. 

mtf shaving tips for legs

Step 4. Exfoliate your legs

Apply an exfoliating moisturizer, using a scrubber before shaving your legs. The exfoliator will remove any dead skin, and will help to raise the hairs on your legs, making them easier to shave.

Step 5. Apply shaving cream or gel

You don't want to shave dry. Always make sure to apply a generous portion of shaving cream or gel to your legs, making sure to cover all areas you'll be shaving.

mtf how to shave legs guide

Step 6. Shave slowly and carefully

Always go against the grain of your hair. Start at the ankle and shave upwards, using long, slow strokes. Be gentle and don't apply too much pressure, as this can cause nicks, cuts or razor burn. Rinse your razor in the water frequently to prevent the blade from clogging.

mtf trans woman leg shaving tips

Step 7. Rinse and pat dry

Once you've finished shaving, rinse your legs with warm water and pat them dry with a towel.

Step 8. Apply moisturizing lotion

After you're done shaving, it's very important to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing keeps your skin soft and helps to prevent dryness and irritation from shaving. 

By following these tips, you can achieve soft, smooth, hair-free legs safely and effectively. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shaving creams or gels to find the one that works best for you. With a little practice and patience, it'll become second nature to shave your legs properly.

For more information on how to manage face and body hair, check out our complete MtF Guide to Hair Removal for Trans Women.

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