Ultimate MtF Hair Removal Guide | Transgender Woman Tips

Ultimate MtF Hair Removal Guide | Transgender Woman Tips

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There's nothing worse than having to deal with unwanted hair. Whether you are pre-HRT or on estrogen, having a plan to tackle face and body hair is important. That's why we came up with the Ultimate Guide to MtF Hair Removal for Trans Women. This hair removal guide can act as a roadmap to keep your skin hair free and feminine. 

Types of Hair Removal

There are three categories of hair removal options for MtF trans women. Permanent, Long-Lasting/Near Permanent, and Temporary. Within each category, there are various options. The options are:

Permanent Hair Removal Long-Lasting/Near Permanent Hair Removal Temporary Hair Removal
Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal Electric Razors/Shavers
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Disposable Razor
Safety Razor
Epilation - Hair removed for up to 4 Weeks
Waxing - Hair removed for up to 4 Weeks


What Type of Hair Removal is Right for Me?

Choosing which type of hair removal is best or you depends on a number of factors. What is your end goal? What is your budget? What area of the body do you want hairless? Etc.

Each hair removal option has it's pros and cons. For instance, laser hair removal can be expensive, however, it's permanent. Disposable razors are cheap, but hair grows back quickly after shaving. As you can see, choosing which method of hair removal is best for you depends on your goals. 

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    Best Tips for MtF Hair Removal

    There are a few tips and tricks that every trans woman needs to know. We've outlined them in the following posts. Check them out when you get a chance. 

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    What is the Best Method for Near Permanent Hair Removal at Home? 

    If you are looking for the best way to remove face and body hair at home, we recommend the RIPLE Hair Removal Method. This method is simple, and effective. The best part is that it can be done at home, and has results similar to permanent hair removal for a fraction of the cost of laser hair removal at a facility. Click here to read more about the RIPLE Hair Removal Method.

    MtF Laser Hair Removal at Home?

    The closest thing to laser hair removal at home would be IPL. Both laser hair removal and IPL are highly regarded methods that many trans women opt for, however they work differently.

    Laser hair removal uses a focused beam of light to target hair follicles, while on the other hand, IPL uses a broad spectrum of light. Laser hair removal performed by a professional may be more effective and require fewer sessions than IPL, but both methods have benefits and limitations depending on individual factors such as hair and skin type.

    How Much Does MtF Laser Hair Removal Cost?

    The price for laser hair removal varies depending on a number of factors. Your location, size of the area treated, and the number of treatments required all play a role in how much laser hair removal will cost. 

    Since prices range from center to center, this is just a ball park average for laser hair removal:

    • Face & Neck: $700 to $1,300
    • Lower legs: $700 to $1,000
    • Back: $700 to $1,300
    • Chest and belly: $70 to $1,100
    • Arms: $500 to $900
    • Bikini area: $400 to $800

    If your ultimate goal is to eventually get laser hair removal or electrolysis, but are looking for the best way to handle dealing with unwanted face and body hair in the meantime, we recommend epilating, as it's affordable, and can have your body salon smooth, and hair-free for up to 4 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows back). Check out the Best MtF Epilator Hair Removal Home Kit for more details. 

    Best at Home Epilator For MtF Trans Women



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