The Secret How to Make Your Hairstyle More Feminine | MtF Transgender Tips

The Secret How to Make Your Hairstyle More Feminine | MtF Transgender Tips

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As a MtF trans woman, are you looking for ways to style your hair to be more feminine and beautiful?

One of the core components of building confidence as a trans woman is to have a hairstyle that suits your personality and features. Since there are so many types of hair styles to choose from, it can feel endless. 

Do you go for loose waves, classic bob, flicks and curls, side ponytail, curtain bangs, or another of the hundreds to choose from. This alone makes the task seem hard and daunting. 

Don't worry though, as we have good news for you. Choosing a hair style doesn't have to be a tough choice. There is one trick for MtF trans women that can turn any hair style from zero to hero. What is the trick you might ask? Well, it starts with a "B". Can you guess?

The answer. Bangs. 

MtF Feminine Hair Styles Bangs

What are bangs? Bangs are strands of hair that fall over the front of your scalp and cover a portion, or all of your forehead. This, in effect creates a fringe, or hedge of hair that lays frontward and can be trimmed to a number of lengths, including just above the eyebrows. The length gives your own personal character. 

What are the Best Feminine Hairstyles for Mtf Trans Women?

Why bangs you might ask? Well the answer starts with the fact that bangs help to frame your face. A good hair style begins with a look that is suitable for your facial structure. For instance, as trans women, and being AMAB, it is common to have a more predominant forehead, or even a receding hairline. Each of these issues is solved with the simple solution of bangs. 

MtF How to Have a Feminine Hair Style - Transgender Woman Tips

Why Bangs are the Best Hairstyle Choice for MtF Trans Women

  1. Bangs help to cover up a receding hair line with ease. No more worrying about whether or not your hairline makes you less passable. 
  2. You can style bangs in a variety of different ways including bottle bangs, curtain bangs, micro bangs, Birkin bangs, micro bangs, etc. The choice is yours on which suits your personality.
  3. Bangs can help to cover up a larger size forehead.
  4. You can be more confident about your facial structure, as bangs allow you to frame your face however you'd like. 

MtF Hair Style Idea Brunette Bangs for Trans Women

Wigs Provide Beautiful Hair Styles

If you struggle with hair growth, wigs are the perfect solution. They are simple to wear and come in a variety of colors and styles. You can wear a pink wig one day, and then be back to brunette the next. Check out our post on the best wigs for trans women.

Brunette, Blonde & Highlight Wigs for MtF Trans Women



In Summation

If you are styling your hair to look more feminine for the first time, we recommend to ask a hairstylist for their recommendations on bang styles that they believe suit you. 

MtF Feminine Hair Styles

If you have any tips of tricks on how to make your hair look and appear more feminine as an MtF trans woman, let us know in the comments below!

If you are interested in more transgender hairstyles and tips, check out our Ultimate MtF Hairstyle Guide for Trans Women.

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