3 Makeup Tips For MtF Transgender Women to Look More Feminine

3 Makeup Tips For MtF Transgender Women to Look More Feminine

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Are you looking for makeup tips to look more feminine and reduce the appearance of your masculine attributes? Today, we're going to share a couple amazing makeup tips to help you achieve this. 

As a trans woman appearing feminine and understanding how to wear makeup correctly is important. Knowing the proper techniques, tools and styles can be a challenge if you are just starting out on your transition journey. 

Here are three beauty tips that can help take your makeup routine to the next level. 

Tip #1 - Use Mascara on Your Lashes

One of the first tricks of appearing more feminine with the use of makeup is to make your eyes stand. a good trick is to draw focus to the eye area, and away from the masculine features you may have. Use mascara to help you achieve this. Mascara highlights the eyes and can do wonders in making you appear more feminine. 

Tip #2 - Make Your Nose Look Pointier and Smaller

If you want to get a feminine appearance with the help of makeup, making your nose look smaller and more petite can be a great trick. Most of the time males will have larger noses that are less pointy than cisfemales. Contouring and highlighting is the perfect way to give the illusion that your nose is sharper and smaller. Use highlight on the areas that you want to enhance, while contouring areas that you want to shadow. You can use concealer on either side of the nose to shape it and make it appear smaller.

Tip #3 - Make Your Lips Look Plump and Full

If you opt not to use lip injections such as Juvederm, using a lip plumping gloss, or cream to help give the appearance of fuller lips. These creams can help to make your lips look more plump and feminine. Additionally, you can use lipstick to give the effect of larger lips.

These three simple makeup tips for MtF trans women can help you achieve a more feminine appearance, with not much effort. If you have any additional tips and tricks, let the community know in the comments below.


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