4 Tips How to Get Confidence to Present Feminine | Wear a Dress or Skirt in Public

4 Tips How to Get Confidence to Present Feminine | Wear a Dress or Skirt in Public

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How do you build the confidence to present feminine in public? How do you get the courage to wear the clothing and makeup that you want to? If you're asking these questions, you're not alone. Many transgender women struggle with this exact same dilemma. It takes a lot of courage, and being bold to overcome this challenge. 

Here are a few tips to help you conquer your fear of dressing feminine in public.

Tip 1. Start Presenting Feminine Slowly

As with most steps during MtF transition, starting slow can help you to ease into things. You don't have to rush into presenting fully feminine at first. Take your time. Start by wearing one or two items such as light makeup, or a cute top. As you build confidence, you will feel more comfortable presenting fully feminine, and wearing clothing such as a dress or skirt. 

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Tip 2. Go to a Big City or Nearby Town

The best way to build the confidence to present femme, is to practice in a big city. In big cities everyone is busy with their own lives and won't pay you much attention. If you're unable to travel to a big city, try going to a town that you don't live in, so that you are less likely to run into people that you may know. 

Tip 3. Go Out in Public With a Friend

If you're nervous about wearing a dress or skirt in public, having a sidekick to help stand up for you is a good choice. Having a friend with you will give you more confidence, and if ever confronted, you have someone that can help stick up for you. Only do this with close friends that support you. 

Tip 4. Go To a Pride Parade or Local Pride Event

Being surrounded by like minded people can really help to boost your confidence when presenting female. Try presenting feminine and attend a pride parade, meetup, or local event. This will help you to test the waters on your confidence level, and everyone else will be supportive, understanding, and even offer words of affirmation.

Tip 5. Be Yourself

Although easier said than done, not worrying about what other people think is liberating. Wear what you want to wear. If you want to wear a cute dress or skirt, put it on and have fun!

What are your tips for gaining the confidence to present femme in public?

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