How to Tuck 101 Beginner's Guide for MtF Trans Women

How to Tuck 101 Beginner's Guide for MtF Trans Women

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Let's face it, as a trans woman having to deal with a "bulge" is no fun. It limits our clothing choices, and can cause gender dysphoria. This is where tucking comes to the rescue. Tucking is the process of flattening your front side, and smoothing it as much as possible. In this post, we'll go over how this is achieved.

Gaff and Go Tucking Gaff

1. How to Tuck - Directions

There are a number of ways to tuck, however we're going to cover the most common for MtF trans women.

  1. Start by shaving your entire pubic area, including scrotum, penis and inside of legs. This will help to make the tucking process more comfortable and secure.
  2. Apply baby powder or a similar powder product to the entire area to help absorb any moisture and reduce skin friction.
  3. Push the testicles back and up. This can be done by using your fingers or gently pushing them up with the palm of your hand. 
  4. Next, push the penis towards the back, reach around and hold it in place. Use tucking tape, or tucking gaff to keep everything in place.
  5. Once your tuck is in place, you can put on tucking underwear, compression shorts, or boyshorts to secure everything.


If at ANY time you experience pain, or discomfort, stop and take a break. The next time, aim for a looser tuck and see if it's more comfortable. 

2. Securing Your Tuck

Next you will need to keep everything in place and secured in this position. There are three common ways of achieving this. Tucking underwear, Tucking Gaffs, and Tucking Tape. 

1. Tucking Underwear - Tucking underwear are essentially compression underwear, and are specially designed to keep your tuck in place. You can wear any underwear that has a squeezing compression element. Try to avoid thongs and frilly underwear. Although pretty, it just won't keep you tucked properly. Our favorite, and most comfortable tucking underwear choices are from LeoLinesTuck Buddies and Carmen Liu.

Best Overall Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

 Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women - LeoLines on Etsy


Best Boyshorts Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



Best Color Options Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women



Best Tucking Thong Panties for MtF Trans Women

 Carmen Liu Tucking Thong for MtF Trans women


2. Tucking Gaff Panties - Gaffs are made to flatten your bulge and are worn underneath another pair of panties. They are usually a heavier material, or double layered. If you prefer an extremely smooth tuck, you can wear a gaff underneath your favorite panties. 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Gaff to Tuck

Best Tucking Gaff Panties for MtF Trans Women



Best Tucking Gaff Panties for MtF Trans Women

 Best Tucking Gaff Thong Panties for MtF Trans Women


3. Tucking Tape - Tucking tape is an alternative to tucking underwear and gaff panties. Not to be mistaken with packing tape, duct tape, or any other household tape - tucking tape is medical grade. Although pricy, it offers the smoothest and flattest tuck, tucking tape is amazing stuff.
If tucking tape is your choice, we absolutely love the Unclockable T-Tape Tuck Kit. It's swim-proof, exercise proof, and can be worn up to 12 hours when dry. It's easy to remove to use the restroom, and super comfortable. You will forget it's there. 
Best Tucking Tape for MtF Trans Women



In Summation

Now that you know how to tuck, and the proper products needed, you can finally wear tight outfits without worrying about a bulge. Leggings, no problem. Swimsuit, easy. Have fun and wear what you want!

If you are looking for a simple way to sit, here's the best way to cross your legs while tucking

Are you looking for how to tuck in leggings? Check out this complete guide MtF How to Tuck for Leggings

If you are looking for the tucking underwear options, check out Best Tucking Underwear for MtF Trans Women

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