4 Tips For How to Come Out at Work as MtF Transgender Woman

4 Tips For How to Come Out at Work as MtF Transgender Woman

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Have you been struggling to figure out how do you come out at work? Has your true self been closeted while you're at the workplace? Breath easy, as you're not alone. Coming out at work is a major challenge for a lot of transgender women, however with some proper preparation, and planning you can overcome.

Since this is such a common question and concern, we've put together a list of four important tips to help you in coming out at the workplace, and be the real you!

Tip #1 - Be Calm, Polite, and Understanding

The first important thing to keep in mind is that your happiness is paramount to living your life, and that everyone won't always share the same views as you. So, it is best to be calm, polite, and understanding based on your workplace situation. Many bosses and co-worker want you to be an asset to the team, so will be positive, and supportive of your decision.

Tip #2 - Come out to Your HR, Boss or Supervisor First

It is best to come out to your contact in the Human Resources department first if possible. If this is not possible, come out to your immediate superior. In most cases this is your boss, or supervisor. This way, they are able to make the correct decision on how to handle the news, and can help you along with the process. Always do this before coming out as trans to your fellow co-workers. Some of the things that will need to be done are the name change process, badge update, and e-mail update, along with any other administrative tasks. 

Tip #3 - Get a Good Nights Rest

It is important to be well rested, and get a good nights sleep before coming out, as it can be a very stressful, and scary time. You will need all of the energy, and courage that you have. Try to get a full nights rest, along with proper nutrition before coming out at work. If you are not rested, choose another day.

Tip #4 - Educate if Needed

Be prepared to educate the person you decide to come out to. Many times others are not familiar or well educated on what being transgender is all about . Any bits of information to let them know that you will still be a great employee, will be well received. Don't take offense if they are not well versed in common trans topics or situations. 

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