How to Be Sure I'm Transgender | MtF Identity Tips

How to Be Sure I'm Transgender | MtF Identity Tips

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Are you questioning the feelings that you might be another gender trapped in the wrong body. Were you born male, but have feelings that you are truly a female inside. Every day many people question what their true gender or identity is. Although there is no way to be 100% certain that you are trans, there are many clues that can help guide you. 

Am I Transgender? Quiz/Questionnaire

Often times it helps to think through your feelings and emotions, especially considering your gender expression, and identity. Some questions you can ask yourself for more clarity, or to help you be sure you are trans are: 

Does the thought of being a woman make you happy?

Have you always felt as though you were born the wrong gender?

When you dress in female clothing, does it make you feel alive and liberated?

Do you use female pronouns on social media?

Have you been questioning your gender for over a year?

Do you sometimes get mis-gendered on the phone?

Are you suppressing your feminine inner feelings to please those around you?

Do you prefer to go by she/her/they, rather than masculine pronouns?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, it is possible you are transgender.

How to Be Sure I'm Transgender MtF

The most important thing to remember about gender identity is the fact that you should do what makes you happy. If being outwardly facing male does not make you happy, transitioning might be the right choice for you.

Do You Wear Gender Affirming Clothing?

Gender affirming clothing can help you know if you are transgender or not. If it makes you feel like your authentic gender, it's a possibility you might be trans. Check out our Ultimate MtF Gender Affirming Products Guide for Trans Women.

Consider Therapy

The best recommendation is seeking therapy. Being able to talk to a therapist that you trust and respect can do wonders for your mental health. They can help you discuss and navigate your feelings, while guiding you if you do decide to transition MtF. They can also advise on whether hormones are the right decision for you or not.

Find a Therapist That You Trust

Finding a therapist that is LGBTQIA+ friendly is also recommended as they have the knowledge, and expertise in helping you understand your gender identity, how to express it, and the steps to move forward with your decision. 

MtF Trans Friendly Therapist

Why Are Males Afraid to Transition MtF?

One of the biggest reasons many males are afraid to transition MtF is because of what others might think of them. Many people that are considering transitioning MtF are faced with lots of negative opinions ranging from family, friends and co-workers. You have to be strong and make the decision that is right for you, and ideally with consultation of a therapist. 

In summation

There are a plethora of resources available on our resources page, including LGBTQIA+ friendly therapists. This can be a starting point on your journey. Remember, do what makes you feel good and brings you the most happiness!


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