How to Not Get Clocked | MtF Trans Women Tips & Tricks

How to Not Get Clocked | MtF Trans Women Tips & Tricks

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Are you living in fear of getting clocked? Let's face it, it's no fun when someone clocks you, especially in public. It can totally shatter your self esteem and make you feel horrible. Sadly, It can happen to any trans woman, even those that pass very well. On a brighter note, there are a few tips and tricks that can help prevent you from getting clocked as easily.

What is Getting Clocked?

Getting "clocked" is a term that is used when someone can tell that you are trans, and not a cisgender female. Also known as clocking.

How to not get clocked mtf

How to Avoid Being Clocked in Public

These are some of the most common ways trans women get clocked, and tips to help you avoid being clocked in public.

Tip 1. Don’t go Overboard With Makeup

Wearing too much makeup can be one of the easiest ways for someone to clock you in public. Don’t go for an overboard glam look. Instead, try to make your makeup look as natural as possible.

Tip 2. Maintain Your Eyebrows

Always maintain your eyebrows. Keep them trimmed, shaped, and tidy. As a trans woman, you want to shape your brows using a natural arch. If you’re new to doing eyebrows, get a brow kit that offers a stencil, or go to a professional brow bar. 

Best Feminine Eyebrows Kit for MtF Trans Women



Tip 3. Practice Voice Training

Your voice can be one of the most common ways to get clocked. Practice voice training, and perfecting your voice as often as possible. If you're still working on your voice, speak more quietly, and slowly when talking in public. If you're looking to work on your voice, check out our post on MtF voice training.

Tip 4. Keep Your Hands Moisturized and Soft

Having rough, and dry hands are another common way trans women get clocked. Keep your hands soft and supple by moisturizing regularly. It’s extremely masculine to not have soft and delicate hands. Always keep lotion or moisturizer in your purse.

Tip 5. Paint your nails

Painting your nails can help you to pass more easily. Choose a pretty color that suits you and is in season. If your nails are short, press ons are an easy way to get some extra length, which makes them appear more feminine.

Painted nails MtF

Tip 6. Always Tuck if You’re Wearing Tight Pants

If you are planning on wearing leggings or tight pants, always make sure that you are properly tucked. Seeing any resemblance of a bulge is the easiest way for someone to be able to clock you. Wear tucking tape if you plan on going to the gym or are wearing a swimsuit.

Tip 7. Hide Your Beard Shadow

If your facial hair grows back quickly after shaving use, a orange color corrector. Orange color corrector underneath concealer, does an amazing job at reducing the darkness of a beard shadow.

Best Color Corrector to Get Rid of Beard Shadow



Tip 8. Wear Flattering Clothing

Wear clothing that hides your masculine attributes and accentuates your feminine features. For example, if you have wide shoulders, try wearing a dress that hides them. If your hips are narrow, try wearing slimming shapewear underneath your tank top to give you some curves.

Tip 9.  Establish a Skin Care Routine

Keeping your skin, moisturized and soft, helps you to appear more feminine and makes you less likely to be clocked. You should have a morning skin care routine that you can maintain. Try your best to stick to a schedule and don’t neglect keeping your skin beautiful and feminine.

It is totally acceptable to continue working on your femininity before coming out. Learning makeup, dress, talking, and walking are all great areas to practice. You should do what feels right for you. Don't ever feel pressured to come out before you're ready. 

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