Ultimate MtF Gender Affirming Products Guide for Trans Women | Transgender Tips

Ultimate MtF Gender Affirming Products Guide for Trans Women | Transgender Tips

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Looking, feeling, and being treated as your correct gender is paramount in living a happy and fulfilled life as a trans woman. Gender affirming products can help you live as your true authentic self. There are a number of gender medical affirming procedures such as FFS, tracheal shave and bottom surgery, however this guide is focused on non-medical products and strategies. 

What are Gender Affirming Products?

Gender affirming products are items that help you to present and feel as your authentic gender. There are a number of products that have gained popularity within the trans community as gender affirming. For example, as an MtF trans woman, wearing a pretty dress, skirt or bright makeup can be affirming. 

Some of the most popular gender affirming products for MtF transgender women include:

Why are Gender Affirming Products Important?

There is a plethora of reasons why gender affirming products are important. One of the main reasons is the fact that they make us feel like our true authentic gender. Looking, and presenting as our true selves helps boost confidence, self-esteem, and feeling of self worth. 

Check out the many ways to feel gender euphoric!

Gender Affirming Breast Forms

Breast forms are one of the most popular, and most sought after gender-affirming products for MtF transgender women. Breast forms are prosthetic devices that can be easily worn in a bra or attached directly to the skin to create the appearance of breasts.

Breast forms come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. With such a large number of options on the market, you can find a set that meets your individual needs. For many trans women, breast forms are a major game-changer, helping them to enhance their feminine curves and boost their confidence level.

Gender Affirming Shapewear Products

Body shapers and corsets are extremely popular among cisgender, and transgender women. These specifically designed products help to smooth out, contour and shape the body. Thus, creating a more feminine silhouette.

MtF shapewear can be particularly helpful for trans women who have not yet undergone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or who are not yet satisfied with the results of the curves achieved with HRT. Body shapewear and corsets are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be worn discreetly under your clothing.


SHAPERX Steel Boned Waist Training Corset


Gender Affirming Hip & Butt Pads

Hip and butt pads can be a helpful product for trans women who want to enhance their feminine curves without undergoing surgery, such as a BBL. Hip and butt pads can be worn in a number of ways. Some of our favorite butt pads are sewn into the underwear themselves.

Best Butt Pads Underwear For MtF Trans Women




Gender Affirming Wigs

Wigs can be an important product for many Mtf trans women, especially those that suffer from hair loss, or slow growth. Hair is a key aspect of femininity, and for many trans women, having the right hairstyle can be essential to feeling confident, and beautiful. Nowadays, there are a number of high-quality wigs on the market in a range of styles and colors. Wigs are a great way to experiment with different hairstyles and cute looks.

Bob Hairstyle Brunette, Blonde & Highlight Wigs



Gender Affirming Makeup Products

Makeup and skincare is also gender affirming for many trans women. Makeup can be a wonderfully useful tool for enhancing your femininity and expressing your creative side through color and design.

Pro Tip: Having shaped and tidy eyebrows is a Trans Beauty secret to femininity. 

Best Feminine Eyebrows Kit for MtF Trans Women



Gender Affirming Skincare Products 

Skincare products can help you to create a smooth, feminine, glowing complexion, which can help with your confidence level. It's important to find skincare products that work well for your individual skin type and brand preferences. Experiment until you find the right products that work best with your skin.

Shopping List of Top Gender Affirming Products

Gender Affirming Dress to Hide Wide Shoulders


2. Colorful Skirt
Gender Affirming Skirt for MtF Trans Women



3. Form Fitting Leggings to Show off Curves
Gender Affirming Leggings for MtF Trans Women



4. Loose Crop Top T-shirt
Gender Affirming Crop Top T-Shirt for MtF Trans Women



Best Beginners Feminine Eyebrows Kit for MtF Trans Women



In summation, there are many MtF gender-affirming products that can be helpful to you during your transition. Breast forms, body shapers, hip and butt pads, wigs, makeup, and skincare products are a great starting point to feel comfortable as a trans woman.
Keep an open mind, as it's important to find the products that work for you, and your body. Experiment with different styles and techniques to find the looks that make you feel the most confident, feminine, and beautiful. Transitioning is a journey, so finding the right products that speak to you, is an important part of that journey.

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